$180-200 initial visit (adult) ~1.5h  
$55-155 follow-up (adult) ~15min-45min

$155-175 initial visit (child) ~1h    
$45-135 follow-up (child) ~10min-40min        

$125 Acupuncture visit 50min

ADD ons to visit fee:

I.M. shots $30 each.   

Homeopathic remedies $5 each.

Personalized herbal tinctures 50mL $20, 100mL $35.    

Gynecological exams $40. 

Scratch allergy testing $75.

Prolotherapy, Peri-/Neural therapy injections $100-300.

Intravenous (I.V.) therapy $125-250.

Cost of lab testing (Lifelabs, Meridian Valley Labs, RMA or in-house) varies depending on what is required for accurate diagnosis.

Naturopathic medicine services are covered under most healthcare plans, please inquire with your insurance provider regarding your coverage.

BC residents on MSP premium assistance have $23 towards each visit, up to 10 visits per year. Refund cheque 3-4 weeks after the visit.

No show fee ranges $45-100, depending on the length of the visit missed without minimum of 48h notice. Appropriate notice is detailed in the Clinic Policies.